over Simperi


Leuk dat je komt kennis maken! Ik ben Nina (en Simperi), healer en spirituële mentor.

Ik zie je graag verbinding maken met het ‘al weten’ van je Hart.
Ik kan je ondersteunen door holistische energie healing en spirit mentoring sessies.
Ook bied ik Gatherings en workshops aan voor kleine groepen.

Mijn holistische healing praktijk is gebaseerd op een amalgaam van 25+ jaar persoonlijke ontwikkeling – opleidingen, trainingen en healings – op het gebied van energieën en de spirit wereld – sjamanisme, kruidengeneeskunde en energiewerk.

Ik kom oorspronkelijk uit Finland,  en woon nu in Amsterdam (en in de Auvergne, Frankrijk). Mijn passies zijn planten en natuur, en het herstellen van harmonie en balans op Aarde.




Boek van het Leven ( werk in uitvoering )

hoofdstuk 1

Once upon a time, I was a little girl wandering off the school playground in search for some peace and quiet. On the edge of the playground grew some trees, and one of them, a bit deeper into the very small woods, was split by lightning. It looked frightening to to me, but I found a friendly oak tree and sat underneath it.

I let my gaze wander about, and it came to rest on the bark of the tree. To my astonishment, I suddenly saw castles and princesses, dragons and princes – endless fairy tales being depicted on the bark – the tree was telling me stories! From that moment on I’d return to the same spot often to listen to the stories, and our friendship deepened. I thought the tree might like a song. He did! Since then I’d softly sing little made-up songs to him, and he continued to entertain me with his bark-stories.

We only had one year together, our family moved back to Finland, and I was quite sad about our separation. “Don’t worry”, he said. “Wherever you see an oak tree, you can talk with me through that tree.” I was relieved, hugged him, and we said good-bye. “It is true!” I’m thinking now, decades later. Whenever I see an Oak, I see my friend! And thanks to this first tree friend, it has been so very easy to talk with trees ever since.

hoofdstuk 2

We had just moved again! This time not from one country to another, but within Finland, some 700km to the North. My father was quite an ambitious man, and we followed his career moves successfully… however, it wasn’t always easy for me and my brother. Like this time:

I was 12 years old, and started at a new school mid-term. I had a very different accent than the local people. I had glasses. I was quite good at English – and the English teacher, Mrs. Potter, had the same kind of glasses. “Little Potter!” they would yell, point at me and laugh. They’d throw propped up paper balls at me when the teacher turned towards the chalk board. Bumping against hmy insecure body in the school aisles, harder, and yelling “sorry, I didn’t see you Little Potter!”. Walking to school in the morning became a very heavy journey to take. Until… one morning, to my astonishment, I saw faeries reaching down from the trees along my school journey, passing on to me a golden sphere. They motioned me to put it inside her in my middle. I did so, and I became somewhat immune to the bullying at school. The faeries were there every morning, I was happy to have them as my faithful friends, and their golden sphere saved every single one of those difficult days.

(One time I got very, very angry at the bullies and lifted a boy on the wall by his collar, and shouted “don’t you ever dare to do that again!”. It worked like a charm, and I became an ‘untouchable’. And yet I insisted we’d move – “or else I’ll run away!”. Luckily my parents were wise and kind and we moved to the neighboring village, allowing me to change schools and to find real friends. (Hello Henna, Tiina & Anu!)

…wordt vervolgd…

(updates van nieuwe hoofdstukken worden aangekondigd op Instagram!)


1988 – voortgaande; zelfstudie over natuurwezens, sjamanisme, kruidengeneeskunde

1995 te veel success met Tarot readings – men leunde te veel aan de readings, zonder zelf verantwoordlijkheid en actie te ondernemen. Ik gaf de tarotkaarten weg, sindsdien alleen eigen readings – met een nieuwe deck uiteraard :)

1999  de eerste keer; tijdsgaten ontdekken (time wormholes)

2000 de eerste keer; magische objecten ontdekken

2012 eerste dialogen met tuinplanten

2014 weekendcursus dierencommunicatie met Anna Breytenbach

2015 diploma kruidengeneeskunde bij The Herbal Academy  (Intermediate Herbal Course), het studeren gaat natuurlijk door! Hetzelfde jaar: het testen van mijn sjamanistische kennis door training met twee sjamanen (geslaagd!)

2017 Ayahuasca, een diep bevredigende ontmoeting